Bocchetta - Boots Black Labrador Plush Toy 64cm

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Boots is an extra-large plush Black Labrador soft toy, stuffed animal in a lying position.   Easily mistaken for the real dog, he is a perfect substitute to comfort the lonely.

Labradors make great therapy dogs, service & guide dogs, gun dogs for retrieving birds, search & rescue dogs & family pets.  They have an otter-like tail for propelling through water, webbed paws like flippers for swimming, a layered, oily coat to keep them insulated and repel water, a soft mouth to gently carry things (with training) without causing damage, and a great capacity to learn.

Boots measures 64cm in length, body width is 26cm and 35cm in height.

Since each animal is hand sewn, there will be slight variations in appearance.

Ages: 3+


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